Our Thrive Practitioners

Mrs Coleman

Mrs Hardy

At The Beeches School we have a team of Thrive Practitioners.  Their role is to support the children to be able to learn. This covers aspects of emotional and mental health support, group work, lunchtime interventions, supporting children in the classroom and being available to deal with issues as they arise.

They also run Thrive! Here at The Beeches we follow the Thrive approach to support the social and emotional development of all our pupils. 

Thrive's vision is of 'a world in which children's social and emotional needs are better understood and met'.

We celebrate our differences and thrive on our successes.

The Thrive approach is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children.

We will be incorporating this approach through a programme of staff training and development.  You can find out more at

If you feel your child could benefit from some support from this team, please discuss with your child's class teacher.

Our Thrive room