Welcome to the Tiger's class page!

We are lucky as we share 2 teachers.

Mrs Ridsdale (Mondays and Tuesday mornings.)

Mrs Robbie (Tuesday lunch - Friday.)

Our teaching assistant is Ms Cook.

Our P.E day is a Wednesday. Don't forget to come into school in your P.E kit on that day! 

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It is the best way to keep up to date with what the Hedgehogs are learning. There will be lots of photos on our page.

Our question for this term is 'Who has shaken up our world?' 

In the Movers and Shakers project, your child will learn five statements from Dawson's model that will help them identify people who are historically significant and use the words year, decade and century to describe dates and times. They will study the life and impact of a significant person in the locality and of 10 significant individuals from around the world. They will complete in-depth studies of significant explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and significant activists Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks and think carefully about the impact of their actions. The children will also carry out an independent study of a significant person from the past and learn about people who are significant today. They will also learn how significant people are commemorated and design a memorial for a person they have studied.

Reading is important!

Oxford Owl

Use this website to read books at home on your PC or tablet!


We encourage children to read as much as possible at school, but they should be reading at least 20 minutes a day with someone at home too. Let your child re-read books. Reading the same words over and over again helps to build fluency.

If your child gets stuck on a word, encourage him/her to sound it out. If it is really too tricky, or can’t be sounded out, just supply them with the word and carry on reading.

You could even take turns reading. By listening to your fluent reading, your child will hear what good readers sound like. After you’ve read a short passage, ask your child to read the same passage. This will give him/her the chance to practice reading with expression.

Enjoy this special time together. By doing so, you will encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Here are some useful websites for home learning

Spelling Shed

Use spelling shed to practice your spellings. Your children have lots of fun using this at school, see if you can get the highest score in the year group or maybe even the whole school! Let me know if you have lost your login details.

Maths - Karate Cats

Maths games - learn and practice many different maths skills.

English Karate Cats

English games - learn and practice many different english skills

Times Tables Rockstars

Use TT rockstars to practise your times tables! Your children enjoy using this at school. See if you can get the highest score in the year group or maybe even the whole school! We often have battles going on between ourselves and other classes! Let me know if you have lost your login details.


Have a go at some different maths games using numbots. Your login for this is the same as TT rockstars.

Reading Books

You can use oxford owl to read books at home with your child.

Phonics Play

Practice your phonics by playing lots of exciting games!

Maths Shed

Have a go at some different maths games using maths shed. Your login for this is the same as spelling shed.

Maths Practice - all

Use the topmarks website to play lots of different maths games!

Place Value

How many balls can you get in the basket using place value?

Find the number

Listen carefully to the instruction, can you find the right number?

Math Playground