School Council

Our school council comprises of two elected members from each class. At the beginning of the year the pupils completed a manifesto and each class held a vote to elect one boy and one girl. We meet weekly to discuss ways to improve our school. Having completed our first meeting we now have a plan for how we would like to move our school forward this academic year. 

Watch this space...

The school councillors for 2023/24 are:

Hedgehogs - Mirac & Amelia

Meerkats - Moses & Keanna

Tigers - Adam & Eliza

Snowy Owls - Aayan & Scarlett

Robins - Jakob & Marwa

Bats - Zachary & Samira

Parrots - Hussain & Rhiannon

Hummingbirds - Angelo & Maria

Dragonflies - Charlie & Kimberley

Woodpeckers - Muhammad & Zalal