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Who's Who staff

The Beeches Community Primary school has a large team of teaching, teaching support, admin and pastoral staff dedicated to providing the best education and pastoral care for our pupils.

We have staff who have worked at the school for over ten years, and those who have just started with us this academic year.  We all collaborate together to keep The Beeches a vibrant and caring place to work and learn.





Mr S Capper


Mrs C Hurren

Home School Liaison Manager/Alternate DSL

Mrs R G Walker

Deputy/Alternate DSL - Maternity Leave

Mrs J Hardy

Attendance Lead & Pupil Support

Mrs C Edwards


Year 6 Woodpeckers Teacher/Alternate DSL

Mrs E Coleman

Learning Mentor

Mrs A Webster

Year 6 Woodpeckers Teacher

Mrs C Richardson

Speech & Language Assistant

Mrs S Shaw

Year 6 Dragonflies Teacher

Mrs L Backhouse

Teaching Assistant Year 4 Robins

Mrs R Mills

Year 6 Dragonflies Teacher

Mr C Bailey

Teaching Assistant 

Miss E Mayhew

Year 5 Parrots Teacher/ Phase Leader

Miss J Cook

Teaching Assistant 

Miss H Cooper

Year 5 Parrots Teacher/ Phase Leader

Mrs J Cox

Nursery Nurse

Miss S Guthrie

Year 5 Hummingbirds Teacher

Mr M Cutting

Teaching Assistant Year 6 Woodpeckers

Mr R Pitt

Year 4 Robins Teacher

Mrs L Evans

 Teaching Assistant

Mr B Walker

Year 4 Bats Teacher

Mrs C George

Teaching Assistant Year 2/3 Owls

Mrs H Bedford

Year 2/3 Owls Teacher

Mrs L Hard

Teaching Assistant Year 2/3 Meerkats /Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss H Tennial

Year 2/3 Tigers Teacher

Mr K Holberry

Teaching Assistant 

Mr J Rutherford

Year 2/3 Meerkats Teacher

Mrs H Huynh

Teaching Assistant Nursery 

Miss N Lasance

Year 2/3 Meerkats Teacher/ Phase Leader

Mrs A Nessling

Teaching Assistant, Year 2/3 Tigers/ Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs A Ridsdale

Year 1 Hedgehogs Teacher

Mrs S Payne

Reading Advocate

Mrs E Robbie

Year 1 Monkeys Teacher

Mrs M Radhakrishnan

Teaching Assistant Early Years

Ms K Matthews

Year 1 Monkeys/Reception Teacher

Miss K Smith

Teaching Assistant Year 4 Bats

Miss C Chilver

Deputy Head (maternity cover)/ EYFS Phase Leader/Reception Teacher

Mrs Z Smith

Teaching Assistant Nursery

Mrs C Mijatovic

Reception Teacher

Mrs R Walker

Teaching Assistant Year 6 Dragonflies

Mrs K Thomas

Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Wilson

Teaching Assistant Reception

Mrs H Cullimore


Mr C Rutter

IT Technician

Ms V Mangan

PPA Teacher

Mrs J Acott

Midday Supervisor

Miss R Hoddy

Student Teacher

C Greenacre

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P Coleman

Business Manager

Ms G Harvey

Midday Supervisor

Mr D Smalley

Site Manager

Mrs C Leeks

Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Burch


Mrs M Parker

Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Driver

Admin Assistant

Mrs K Wojtczak

Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Mapplebeck

Admin Assistant



Miss K Shanks

Admin Assistant



Mr N Cooper

Catering Manager








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