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Our ethos and vision

Core principles

The Beeches Community Primary School ethos is built around our core principles that we give all pupils opportunities and experiences which help them to Aspire, Enjoy, Collaborate, Respect, Challenge and Grow. In this way we hope that our pupils will develop into life-long learners who are equipped for a future in an ever changing world.

How do we achieve this...

We aim to achieve these things by providing a broad and creative curriculum in a nurturing, safe learning environment where we challenge ourselves, support risk taking, believe in our potential and celebrate the achievement of all.


Developing respect is a cornerstone of our provision; self-respect, respect for the environment, empathy and respect between all members of our community. We value the diversity in our school and the range of ethnic backgrounds of all pupils and families. We celebrate and teach about a variety of events and cultures across the year, this not only enriches our curriculum but encourages understanding and therefore unity in our school and British society.

British values

We develop children’s understanding of their role in British society; year groups across the school study British history and key figures that have had an impact on our society. We hold assemblies in school to develop children’s understanding of our core values, we also gather at local churches or have local Christian clergy visit us for key celebrations such as harvest, Easter and Christmas. Our PSHE curriculum and ‘circle time’ give the opportunity for children to discuss their ideas and values and develop their social skills.

As a school we discuss and celebrate significant cultural events for example annual Poppy Day, or special events such as the Olympics, the Golden Jubilee or the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We have a school flag which we raise on these significant occasions. We also try to raise pupil’s awareness of democracy and political events in the UK such as the Scottish referendum and the General Election. This helps our pupils begin to feel part of British society and therefore helps develop their sense of responsibility for their role as a citizen of the future. 

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