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The Beeches Curriculum


As The Beeches Primary is an Academy we do not need to follow the National Curriculum for all subjects. Instead we have designed our own skills and knowledge based curriculum which we feel will be interesting, exciting and relevant to our pupils and give them the skills they will need to be good citizens of the future.


We still use the National Curriculum for English and Maths so that we are able to give our pupils the best chance of learning the right knowledge to achieve their best in National tests.

How is the curriculum adapted to meet the needs of The Beeches’ pupils?

The content of our curriculum is loosely based on the national Curriculum but introduces a broader array of local, national and international study and encourages pupils to build study and work-place skills. 


We plan our environment and curriculum to offer children enjoyable and stimulating opportunities which give them a love of learning and enable them to achieve their best. Staff ensure they are providing opportunities for children to work together to develop work place collaborative skills and they model these by working together as a strong team themselves. They encourage children to see challenges as opportunities, to be resilient and achieve their best; to take pride is doing new things well and aspiring to be better each day. This is done in an atmosphere of respect where we work together and value each individual person, this develops confidence and independence and helps our pupils grow as people.

Click below to see a document prepared by the school council which shows the pupils’ contribution towards this curriculum vision – what the words mean to them on a day to day basis

How is the curriculum delivered with these values at the centre?

In each year group, children’s learning is organised under a broad topic or theme, we immerse our classrooms in the theme to make them absorbing and stimulating places to learn. We try to link as much learning together as possible to make school time a fun and interesting experience. English and Maths as well as reading/phonics are likely to be taught as stand-alone lessons although will be linked to the topic/theme as much as possible. We use 'letters and sounds' for our phonics and use a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction for our reading - these are grouped into coloured 'bands' for pupils beginning reading. Once children are more confident, books are group into Accelerated Reader bands and each book has an online quiz to complete at the end to help children to improve their comprehension skills.

Our themes are presented as an ‘essential question’ which by the end of the topic, we hope the classes will have answered!


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