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Autumn Term spelling revision lists

Words with the long /ai/ sound spelt with ei :

eight  eighth  eighty  weight  neighbour  vein  veil  beige  sleigh  freight

Words with the long /ai/ sound spelt with ey:

hey  they  obey  grey  prey  whey  survey  convey  disobey  purvey

Words with the long /ai/ sound spelt with ai:

straight campaign  contain brain  faint  waist  claim  praise  complaint  afraid

Words with /ur/ sound spelt with ear:

earth  early  learn  heard  earn  pearl  search  unearth  earl  rehearse

Homophones & near homophones 1: 

here  hear  heel  heal main  mane  mail  male  knot  not

Homophones & near homophones 2:

berry  bury  brake  break  meet  meat  ball  bawl  fair  fare

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